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Sony Introduces Special Edition of PlayStation 4 with Full Frame Camera Sensor


Sales of the new Sony PlayStation 4 video console are off to a booming start, with a million sold in the first 24 hours. A lot is riding on the success of the new console, and in what is termed as a surprising and possibly game-changing move, Sony is set to announce a first of its kind for the console gaming market – a console with a full frame imaging sensor.

Using the internals of the new Sony A7 full frame interchangeable lens system camera, Sony engineers have grafted the sensor and E-mount onto the PlayStation 4. With a 24.3MP full frame sensor and compatibility with the full line of Sony E-mount and full frame lenses mated with the AMD Jaguar CPU with 1.85 teraflop GPU, the PlayStation 4FF (as it will be called) is the most advanced gaming/imaging console ever produced.

When asked what kind of gamers or photographers would be attracted to the new PlayStation 4FF, there was an uncomfortable silence and much looking back and forth among Sony representatives, until of them finally exclaimed, “It is full frame sensor.”


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