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The New Camera News Holiday Camera Shopping Guidepaloozathon


It’s that time of year again, when you start camera shopping for a young member of your family, vainly hoping that someone else in the clan will like photography as much as you do so that you won’t be so lonely all year as you sit at the computer shoved in the corner of the family room. Don’t give up hope! There’s a bunch of new cameras out there to gift and share and hope with. So here, without any ado at all, is NCN’s First Ever Holiday Camera Shopping Guidepaloozathon!

Best Camera for Youth Sports


[photo: Apple]

Speed and agility on the sidelines is just as important as speed and agility on the field/court/pitch. That’s why we recommend Apple’s iPhone 5. The 8 megapickle rear camera is paired to a speedy 1.3GHz Apple A6 CPU and a delicious Retina display. 4G LTE gets those photos onto Facebook tutto pronto. Critically, the iPhone 5 is small enough to pull out of your pocket and take pictures with using just one hand, because if you’re doing youth sports properly, your other hand is holding a hot chocolate/coffee/hot totty.

Best Camera for Family Photos


[photo: Nokia]

Nothing says family more than taking a nice picture of the family and then giggling as you zoom in to spy Uncle John’s nose hairs. That kind of sophmoric detail requires megapickles, and nobody’s got more than the Nokia Lumia 1020. With 41 megapickles of nose hair goodness, it’s nearly enough to make you forget that you’re using Windows.

Best Camera for Disney

[photo: Sony]

[photo: Sony]

When at Disney, you never know what’s next, either you’re chased by a giant scary mouse or you’re avoiding pirates on the log flume. These fabricated adventures require something that’s sturdy and ready for whatever comes next, even if it’s in the deep end of the pool. Enter the water-resistant, dust-resistant, mouse-resistant Sony Xperia Z Ultra, with an 8 megapickle XMOR backlit sensor. Go ahead, make your day.

Best Camera for Foodtography

[photo: Samsung]

[photo: Samsung]

Lighting is key for the best foodtography, so we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 in white. The white acts as a reflector of ambient light, helping you nail that Ossobucco. Boy will your flexitarian friends on Instagram be jealous!

Best Camera for Bathroom Selfies


[simulated photo: Motorola]

As the saying goes, “If you look good, then you feel good”, so when you want to shoot that selfie for your Facebook or Instagram, make sure that you’ve got a camera that expresses your individual style. That’s the Motorola Moto X, available in 32 billion color combinations. Just make sure that you  tidy up the bathroom before you take your LinkedIn profile photo. You won’t get the job with shampoo and conditioner in the background.

There you have it, phones for Millenials and beyond. Get ‘em hooked on photography!



  1. “if you’re doing youth sports properly, your other hand is holding a hot chocolate/coffee/hot totty.”

    It is OK holding on to a hot totty…. until her husband shows up. Awkward.

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