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Blogger Steve Stonewall Sets World Record with 400th Consecutive Positive Review.


Blogger Steve Stonewall has set a Guinness Book World Record with his 400th consecutive positive camera review. This beats the previous record of 399 set by Ken Puffed set in 2012. Since starting his website www.SteveStonewall.com several years ago, Steve has reviewed hundreds of cameras, from the original iPhone to Hasselblads and everything in between. Each camera us subject to the Stonewall Tests(™), which involves walking down to the coffee shop and taking photos along the way. Photos of walls and wooden fences are used to test sharpness and acuity. Photos of graffiti and old gas station signs are used to test color rendition, and photos of the foam on top of the latte are used to test highlight rolloff and bokeh.

Stonewall prides himself on his thoroughness and objectivity. “I feel an enormous responsibility to my readers to give as objectively positive review that I can, so I won’t hold punches when manufacturers do things like ship a camera with fewer than four megapickles or forget to include a top level desiccant pack in the box. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t call these manufacturers out.”

The only negative review that Stonewall has given was to a used ten year old Sony Mavica FD7, a camera that recorded a 640 pixel x 480 pixel onto 3.5” floppy diskettes. Stonewall really liked the handling of the Mavica and was impressed with the VGA image quality as well. His main complaints were the write times to the floppy disk, the noise that the magnetic write head made as it recorded the images, and the fact that his used model had been run over by a dump truck. “I really thought about giving it a ‘Recommended’ rating, but I could not in good conscience overlook the fact that it had been run over by a dump truck. So in all fairness, and to demonstrate to my fans and readers that I am very critical of the gear that I review, I lowered the rating to ‘Recommend, with reservations.’”

Sony Mavica MVC-FD7

Sony Mavica FD-7. The only camera Steve Stonewall did not like [photo: Marc Carlson]

Had Stonewall not downgraded the Sony Mavica FD7, he would have over 600 consecutive positive camera reviews right now. But ever the optimist, Stonewall doesn’t linger on what could have been. “There are new cameras coming out every day, and it’s my job to give my readers the most ‘honest’ opinion that I can, regardless of whether or not the affiliate advertising links pay my mortgage.”


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