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National Geographic Gives Up, Will Accept ALL Photo Entries


In a shocking development, National Geographic has announced that they accept “pretty much damn near anything” submitted to their photo contests. National Geographic spokesperson Diana Washington explained the decision in an exclusive interview with NCN.

“We’ve received so many overcooked, overbaked, and overprocessed images that no longer bear any resemblance to the real world that we’ve more or less just given up.” says Washington. “We no longer think it is possible to maintain the high photographic standard of the Society. Five years ago, 20% of the images submitted we deemed to be overprocessed. This year, all but three images of the more than five million submitted were overprocessed.” When asked to confirm that it was just three images, and not 30, 300, or 3,000, Washington, clearly exasperated, responded, “Yes [sigh], just three. One was a cat sleeping by a window. The second was the chrome detail of a ’57 Chevy. The third was a row of AA batteries.”

This is a profound shift for the Society, who up to now has held photography and photographers up to the highest standards. Washington confirmed the types of photos that National Geographic would now accept in their photo contests:

NCN: “Would you accept a picture of a house…floating in mid-air?”
National Geographic: “Yes.”

NCN: “Would you accept a picture of a mouse…with flowing blonde hair?”
National Geographic: “Yes.”

NCN: “Would you accept a picture of a box…the size of the moon?”
National Geographic: “Yes.”

NCN: “Would you accept a picture of a fox…that was just a cartoon?”
National Geographic:  “Yes.”

The interview continued like this for the better part of an hour, until we both got tired and took a nap. Later, we woke up and had some milk and cookies.

The National Geographic Photo Contest ends Nov 13, 2013.


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