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AFP and Getty Issue Joint Communiqué: All Your Photo Are Belong to Us


Following the shocking (to them at least) decision against them in the AFP v. Morel case (aka, Large Powerful Organizations Choose to Act Like Schoolyard Bullies Instead of Just Owning Up to Their Mistake v. Guy Who’s Definitely Gonna Think Twice Before Tweeting Another Picture), AFP and Getty have released a joint, terse communique…

“All your photo are belong to us.”

The words are certainly ominous and foreboding. It appears that AFP and Getty are not taking this legal loss lying down and are preparing for worldwide battle with all photographers, living and dead. They apparently want nothing less than to own the rights to every single photo ever taken [insert evil laughter here], and the word on the street is that they are in secret talks with the NSA to make that happen.

Oh Daniel Morel! Why have you so enraged the corporate beast?! Why couldn’t have just been a quiet, meek soldier, kept your head down, done your work, and let your corporate overlords take all the credit. Why did you insist that your years of hard work and talent have any value in this world? Don’t you know that you just press the button–that it’s the camera makers and the distributors that are the masters of the Universe?!

You have awakened the beast, and now we are all in danger! Be forewarned people. Protect your EXIFs!

UPDATE! AFP and Getty Images Sue Haiti, Richter, Gaia.

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