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BREAKING: Obama Administration Agrees to More Photography in White House


In a stunning reversal, the Obama Administration has conceded to the White House Correspondents Association’s complaints that the Administration has unfairly restricted photography during Obama’s two terms. Up until now, photos from the White House and special events have been the responsibility of Official White House Photographer Pete Souza and a small team of assistants.

Critics of the system have accused the Administration of controlling the flow of information and photography coming from the White House at a level never before seen, only letting out photos that presented the Administration in the best possible light. Until recently, White House Press Secretary vehemently denied these charges, but in a hastily schedule press conference, Obama offered this compromise.

President Obama attends important meeting in Oval Office

President Obama attends important meeting in Oval Office

“Starting in January, I will be wearing a GoPro action camera mounted to a helmet daily, in the Oval Office, in meetings with foreign dignitaries, in the State of the Union address, and on Air Force One. At the end of each day, the videos will be posted on the Presidential YouTube account for posting on Reddit, Facebook, and other social media sites. Revenue generated from the advertising will be used to pay for Obamacare.”

“I want to leave no doubt in the minds of the American people that this is a relatively free and comparatively open society that we live in. These comparisons that you’ve read in the press about a Soviet-style, big brother control on information are just not true. First of all, they did not have nearly the hard drive and storage capacity that we do at the NSA. Secondly, they did not have GoPro cameras.”

Presidents Clinton, Obama, and Bush

Presidents Clinton, Obama, and Bush confer privately

GoPro Founder Nick Woodman, when asked to make a statement, replied, “Dude! We’re totally stoked!”

Obama closed the press conference by saying, “But let me make one thing perfectly clear–I will not use the GoPro in the bathroom.”


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