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Gelotologists Find Correlation Between Sensor Size and Sense of Humor


Gelotologists at the Human Gelotology Lab at the University of Pennsyltucky have published a fascinating research paper that should be of great interest to photographers. “Correlation Between Sensor Size and Sense of Humor” was an eighteen month study to see if there was a relationship between the kind of camera a person used (specifically the size of the sensor in the camera) and the things that made them laugh. The largest study of its kind, over one thousand subjects were connected to an EEG to measure brain wave activity (specifically in the left cortex, frontal lobe, right cortex, and occipital lobe) in response to different comic stimuli. Subjects were then asked about their camera habits and what cameras they owned. Some of the findings include:

  • Full frame photographers are four times more likely to have no sense of humor at all than Pentax Q shooters
  • Photographers with more than three interchangeable lens camera systems are clinically insane.
  • Photographers moving to Micro Four-Thirds systems from larger formats got funnier with the transition.
  • Photographers moving to Micro Four-Thirds systems from smaller formats got more serious with the transition.
  • Photographer moving up to a “Full Frame” sensor had a 65% chance of liking Wagner
  • Point and Shoot and camera phone users are more like to laugh at poop and fart jokes than any other group in the test.

The findings are grossly oversimplified in the patent-pending NCN Infographic.

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