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ICANN Reports Post-Christmas Surge in Photography Related Domain Names


ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has reported a post-Christmas surge in photography related domain name registrations. As of Thursday, over two million new photography-related domains have been registered. ICANN spokesperson Justine Sacco made the following statement, “This happens every Christmas; some nimrod gets a new camera for Christmas and all of a sudden thinks they’ve got what it takes to become a professional photographer. So with a burst of confidence from their shiny new Canon T4i with 18-55mm kit lens, they register a domain name, get some business cards from VistaPrint.com, and like BOOM! they’re a pro photographer. It’s funny, because everyone knows that you need to shoot full frame to be a pro.”

Some of the recently registered names include:

  • IWillShootYourWeddingForFree.com
  • IJustGotaDSLRNowImmaPro.com
  • FortyAcresandaDSLR.com
  • ProfessionalCatPortraits.com
  • IDoHDRWeddings.com
  • EasyMoneyOnTheSide.com
  • NonnasHomemadeGnocchiandProfessionalPhotography.com

A consummate PR pro, Sacco’s seen this all before, “We track the activity of these new domains over the course of the year, and by March, over 60% still look like Geocities accounts. To be honest, they’d have a better shot of being fired in public while on a twelve hour flight to South Africa.”

To take advantage of this mini boom, GoDaddy is offering a “Build a Pro Photography Website in Five Minutes” package for just $3.99 per month. Part of the service includes free, anonymous trolling of Flickr photos to quickly build the budding photographer’s “portfolio.”


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