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Millions of Photographers Disappointed in Their New Cameras


Millions of photographers are scratching their heads this Holiday season because the shiny new cameras they got for Christmas have not made them better photographers.

Photographer Peter Punkineeter found a new Canon T5i under the tree on Christmas morning. Replacing his T4i, Punkineeter expected his photography to improve by at least 25% but nonesuch thing has happened. “I feel like I’ve been gypped,” Punkineeter said, “I mean, I’ve got a new camera with a new kit lens, so why do my photos still stink? There must be something wrong with the camera.”

Sally C. Shell is a Pentaxian and has progressed from the K-20D to K-5. This Christmas, she got a K-3 and with more megapickles and a lower K-number, she was confident that her photos would improve. Alas, that call from National Geographic is still proving elusive, but at least her “compositionally-challenged” photos have more ‘pickles. “There’s a rumor that Pentax will be coming out with a full-frame camera in 2014,” Says Shell, “I’m going to save my shekels, because I hear that you need a full-frame camera for pro quality images.”

You would think that Olympus wasn’t kidding when naming the successor to the wildly successful OM-D E-M5. The new OM-D E-M1 that “Santa” gave Richard Rich is literally #1. Skipping four numbers is a bold statement; it’s the photographic equivalent of a giant foam finger at a football game. Alas, Rich hasn’t seen a tremendous improvement in the photos of his cats. Or of the birds at the feeder. “I’d understand it if Olympus went from the E-M5 to the E-M4,” says Rich, “but they went all the way to E-M1 for chrissakes! I’m going to save up for that new Sony A7r.”

Thankfully, the disappointment experienced by Punkineeter, Shell, Rich, and others is only temporary, as there are new cameras next year that will do the trick. For some, the joy is in the hunt.

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  1. We all hope, there won’t be too many cameras like Nikon Df (digital fool..)

  2. Pentax is finally doomed, as they’ve now lowered their flagship camera number from 20 to 7, 5 and now 3. Three more cycles and they’re K-0, Knocked 0ut. How sad, I used to really like their gear about five minutes ago… guess I’d better start selling.

  3. You realize that a camera is a tool. Do you think a craftsman whoa builds furniture would blame the hammer or screw driver for the furniture coming out like crap?! I’ve seen great photos come out of point and shoots. Cameras with 6 megapixels are STILL CAMERAS!! There is no tool that can make a creative decision. You as the photographer do ALL of that. Despite all of the advances that have been made with todays cameras, they are still just that. A tool used to capture images. No more. If these people haven’t come to understand that, I’m afraid photography will be little more than a hobby. Education is a daily opportunity to learn something new.

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