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NCN Wins “2013 Photography Website of the Year”!


In a stunning but completely understandable decision, NewCameraNews.com has been named “2013 Photography Website of the Year.” Known for its hard-nosed, investigative reporting and no-holds-barred reporting style, New Camera News has had the camera industry in a headlock since the mid 1800s. From the early comparison reviews (like the 1876 classic, “Bracing Stands, is Iron or Brass Better For Dead Subjects?”) to current stories (like “New Photographer Bullied Repeatedly Over Head with Rule of Thirds”), New Camera News has consistently aimed for truth-like reportage, and in the words of its founder Great Great Great Great Grandpappy Cyrus “to shine a light where the sun don’t shine.”

This year’s contest, juried by the editors of New Camera News, was especially challenging. Editors reviewed at least four (some say five!) other websites and debated for ten to twenty seconds before coming to their unanimous decision–all other photography websites pale in comparison to NewCameraNews.com.

To celebrate the occasion, at midnight, the City of New York will be dropping a gem encrusted ball from a long pole in Times Square. As the ball drops, we should all reflect on how awesome New Camera News really and truly is.


  1. Japanese camera makers cried when they learned this news!!! They are calling you the enemy of the year…:)

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