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Only 5% of Photographers Annoyingly Confident About 2014 Photography Resolutions


In an exclusive NCN investigative report, NCN researchers have determined that just 5% of photographers are confident that they will complete their 2014 Photography Resolutions.

A shocking 75% of those surveyed are so beat down by the ceaseless grind of contemporary life that all manner of hope and dreaming has been squeezed from their shapeless bodies like toothpaste from a tube. Another 15% of those surveyed claimed to be “just joking” and thus not honor bound to pursue their resolutions, while another 5% were drunk when asked. Only the remaining 5% are confident that they’ll complete their 2014 Photography Resolutions before the end of the year.

This chart, provided by NCN’s crack design team, offers absolutely no additional information:

A gratuitous, useless graphic

A gratuitous, useless graphic

In a related study, NCN researchers have determined that those 5% are also, statistically-speaking, the most annoying photographers on the planet Earth and, again statistically-speaking, the photographers most likely to make the rest of us look like the shiftless, lazy, do-nothings that we really are.


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