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10 Predictions for 2014 That Will Blow. Your. Mind.


The editorial offices of NCN got a Ouija board for Christmas (we know, an odd gift for an ostensibly religious holiday) and the first thing we did was ask the photographic spirits in the great beyond (yes,  beyond even The Great Google) what the New Year will bring. Here’s what we found out….


Bloggers will write 10,000 stories about the death of the DSLR. DSLR fans will complain.


Bloggers will write 10,000 stories about the death of mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless fans will complain.


Fuji will fall into a space-time warp and release a camera that doesn’t look like it was made in 1955. Even though it has the best autofocus and image quality that Fuji offers, Fuji fans will complain.


Panasonic will withdraw completely from the traditional photography market, shifting all resources to embedded cameras. Get ready for Micro-Four Thirds cameras embedded in Panasonic electric shavers, toaster ovens, and rice cookers. In one fell swoop, Panasonic will dominate the emerging genres of facial hair photography, frozen pizza photography, and rice photography. Panasonic fans will complain.


Olympus will be swallowed whole by a giant whale. Olympus fans will complain.


Ricoh-Pentax will introduce the Pentax Q0, the world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera. The size of a microSD card, the Q0 will feature a one photon sensor and be available in over 30,000 colors. A Pentaxians will adapt his 300mm telephoto lenses to the Q0 to create an effective focal length of 76,000mm and take handheld photos of Neptune. Pentax fans will complain.

Ricoh Pentax Q0 (Quarter shown for scale only. Not included with purchase.)

Ricoh Pentax Q0 (Quarter shown for scale only. Not included with purchase.)


Steve Stonewall will set another World Record with his 500th consecutive positive review. The camera? A VTech Snap & Surprise. Stonewall will praise the image quality, ergonomics, and hot shoe puppy. VTech fans will complain.

Steve Stonewall loves the VTech Snap & Surprise.

Steve Stonewall loves the VTech Snap & Surprise.


Sony will introduce 5 new sensor sizes, 13 new camera bodies, 30 new smartphones, and one new lens roadmap with a big asterisk “subject to change” in the corner. Sony fans will complain.


Leica will pull a Porsche Cayenne and release a product that’s completely unexpected. The product? A Leica-badged Nokia 1020 smartphone. The camera phone will be a huge hit and save the company. Leica fans will complain.

Leica Smartphone

Leica Smartphone


Canon and Nikon will sell more T3i and D3100 cameras than the rest of the industry combined. Canon and Nikon fans will complain.



Looks like we got #5 right. Well, almost. But pretty darn close, if we must say…



  1. Well, Pentax came out with the Q, Q10 (not a health product), and the Q7 so…the Q0 is a logical extension in my book. I’m wanting to preorder it too as I’ve run of of creative ideas for Jupiter moon photography with my Q7 and Sigma 50-500 duo. I am concerned that the Q0 to k mount adapter will take 6 months to release after the Q0 though.

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