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POLICE BLOTTER: Two Photogs Get into Heated Forum Debate, Everyone Loses


The NSA is reporting an altercation between two photographers on a popular camera forum NotAnalogPhotographyReview.com.

The forum discussion started with an innocent question from forum member Henri Johnson. Johnson, who shoots with a Panasonic GX1, was thinking about, in his own words, “upgrading to a DSLR.” Many fellow photographers offered friendly advice, some even based, quite incredibly, on their own personal real life experience.

By mid afternoon, the question had received dozens of helpful responses. Then two 100% crops offered for comparison spurred a minor disagreement between two forum contributors “IShootRAW” and “RFDude” escalated and quickly spiraled out of control. “IShootRAW” claimed that DOF equivalence was of primary importance; “RFDude” insisted upon equivalent light gathering ability.

The two assailants proceeded to assault each other with blunt objects–their attempt at civil discourse–and many innocent bystanders were injured by the resulting ad hominem shrapnel. The injured were treated at a local facility where they were administered several issues of B&H Photo/Video catalogs to calm their frayed nerves.

Both “IShootRAW” and “RFDude” are currently in time out and won’t get to play with the others until they apologize.


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