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Local Photographer Fails to See the Irony


Local photographer Simon Saez was at a local park when another fellow noticed his camera, a Nikon D800 with 70-200 F2.8 zoom, and casually commented, “That’s a nice camera, it must take nice pictures.” Saez, a normally quiet man, restrained himself and responded with a curt, “Thank you,” but afterwards, out of earshot of the thoughtless stranger, he was near his boiling point.

“What does he think, I just close my eyes, point the camera anywhere, and press the button?!” Saez muttered under his breath. “This is not the first time this has happened. People think that the camera does all the work, but it is just a tool. A good photographer can take a good photo with an iPhone! Does someone in a restaurant say, ‘that was a great meal…you must have a nice oven?’ Or do they say to a baseball player, ‘that was a great home run…you must have a nice bat?’” On the drive home, Saez continued to be bothered by the innocent statement.

Later that evening at home, Saez had some tea, listened to some smooth jazz and calmed down for a bit. He then spent the evening as he usually did, in his home studio, surfing the internet for camera news and getting his blood pressure up again arguing with others on gear forums.

The debate du soir was the advantages of full frame cameras over APS-C, Micro Four-Thirds, and others. The subtext was that some cameras take unequivocally better pictures than others. Very little was said about the skill or vision of the photographer, and the only photos proffered were little more than test shots. The irony of Saez’s day was, unfortunately, lost to him.

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  1. Irony is like bokeh; not everyone can get it. Also, most people don’t understand what the hell it is.

  2. I really get a kick out the purist photographer. They are the DSLR camera user or your not a photographer. What is a photographer anyway. Could be the kid who shot his cat jumping from the fireplace and everyone that saw the picture laughed on how funny the cat looked. You could be the photographer who jumped from a airplane and shot your jump (which failed in getting your first shoot open) but eventually the second one opened and the pro go pictures got so many people to gasp then clapped as you landed safely. How about the great grand mom you didn’t really know how to shot a point and shot but captured her first picture of great grand dad sleeping with a fly on his nose. We all LOL. What I am trying to say we all can take pictures but it the ones that get us to smile, laugh, sigh and clap. So for the purist out there get over it. Todays digital world is far from the days of Ansel Adams. Its an open frame for everyone to try, enjoy and make someone smile, sigh, clap and inspire.

  3. Well, does it? It’s a valid question and with a setup like that, it better take great pictures or his talent is wasted. Geez, get over it Simon.

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