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SCOOP! Fuji preps Nikon Df Competitor!


Japanese camera site* Digicame-info.com has release spy photos of the Fuji Df. Oh wait, we meant to say the Fuji OM-D E-M1. Crap, we did it again. We meant to write the…(taking a deep breath so that we get it right this time)…the Fuji MX-1. Damn, this rumor writing is tough…

In any case, it looks like Fuji, following the success of their line of Fuji Leicas, will be soon introducing a Fuji FilmNikon, complete with twisty knobby things and leatherette this and that. It’s even got a prism housing made of cubic zirconia! Like the Fuji Leicas, the Fuji FilmNikon will look great at costume parties, masquerades, and on the set of American Hustle.

There’s not a lot of info yet, but here are some of the key specs that we are able to discern:

  • It is a Fuji
  • Its name has an X in it.
  • It is a camera
  • It takes pictures
  • It does not require film
  • It uses “memory” cards
  • It has megapickles
  • It uses “lenses”
  • It won’t take the pictures for you
  • It won’t make a bad photographer good
  • It probably won’t be yards ahead of the camera that you currently own but some of you will want it anyway and until it is released will construct a formidable rationale for purchasing one
  • It needs a battery

That’s all the info that we have for now. As soon as another website posts some additional speculation, we’ll speculate upon their speculation. 

We look forward to wearing the new Fuji FilmNikon when it comes out.


* And by “Japanese Camera site” we mean a Japanese site that covers cameras, not a site that covers just Japanese cameras. Capisce?

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  1. If it’s a retro Fujifilm, it must use XD memory cards. Right? And the faux pentaprism is to elevate the flash to where your subjects look like Vincent Price in…well, any Vincent Price movie.

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