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Sony Drops Letters N, E, and X from Corporate Alphabet


In a surprise announcement, Sony has announced a new alphabet. Similar to the modern English alphabet, the new Sony Alphabet™ is identical except for the removal of three letters – N, E, and X. Sony believes that the removal of these three letters will simplify everything for their customers.

In an official statement announcing the new alphabet, Sony said, “W* thi*k that th* **w So*y Alphab*t will b* a hug* succ*ss. Who ***d*d thos* dumb l*tt*rs a*yway? W* will still s*ll S*y cam*ras, I*cluding mirrorl*ss cam*ras and L**s*s. So*y. Mak*. B*li*v*.”

When asked if they were considering dropping SD cards and returning to the MemoryStick, Sony responded, “H*y! That’s *ot a bad id*a!”

The new Sony Alphabet will be only be compatible with Sony products. All other alphabets can “go to h*ll” said the Sony spokesperson.

What will brillia*t f*ck*rs at So*y thi*k of ***t? From som*wh*r* o* th* I*t*r**t, this is *C*.


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