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Weekend Camera Happenings


Hot Vintage Camera Competition at Rokkor’s Bar and Grille

Bring the hottest vintage camera and win a wooden tripod!

Wet Camera Contest at Nikonos’ Dive Bar

Can your camera handle a dunk in the shark tank? Fancy a go in the mud pit. Come on down!

Mirrorless Night at Eve’s Funhouse

First 50 mirrorless cameras get an “I won’t slap you” t-shir

Bokeh Night at F1.4

Get all blurry all night long!
Any fun camera happenings in your area? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Hi,
    I could recommend the panel discussion with Camera and Lens at the Review bar, the clay pigeon shooting at the Cannonball Inn, the Mega Pixel Race in the Sonikon Arena, or the bingo evening at the Rumors Club.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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