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BREAKING: Samsung Makes Cameras!


NCN investigative reporters have uncovered news that will shock and amaze you-electronics super giant Samsung, makers of everything from smart phones to televisions to vacuum cleaners (like the iconic CycloneForce Multi VC20F70HDER!), also makes cameras. Having long supplanted Sony as the world’s largest producer of electronic landfill material, we heard rumors that Samsung was entering the camera field and were determined to find out if these rumors were in fact true.

Inspired by the pioneering investigative journalist Geraldo Rivera, the NCN team donned Tyvek jumpers and headlamps and dove deep into the Samsung website, where they worked their way past microwaves, dishwashers, and ovens, to a remote dark corner of the site that made us wish our mommies were with us. There, in the dim light, they spied at least a half dozen cameras and a smattering of lenses. It was thrilling, knowing that they were likely the first people to see these cameras in years! Suddenly, they were startled by a sound – it was a Samsung PR person, talking about the features and benefits of the Samsung camera line. Spooked, they ran for their lives!

Stay tuned as the NCN team continues to investigate this breaking story.


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