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Sochi Report: Putin Bans Small Sensor Cameras at Winter Games


[The NCN Awesome News Team (NCN ANT) has arrived in Sochi and will be reporting from here during the course of these games]

Vladimir Putin, race car driver, horse tame, kung fu master, scuba diver, big game hunter, and Russian President has banned the use of digital cameras with sensors smaller than 24mm x 36mm.

Reports are coming in from Twitter that a bare-chested Putin, astride a Russian Bear, chased down a bus of tourists and then demanded to see all their cameras. Tourists carrying full-frame cameras were allowed to keep them, with Putin pointing to full frame Nikons, Canons and Leicas and saying, “very nice!”, while those carrying point-and-shoots, 1” sensor cameras, Micro Four-Thirds, and APS-C cameras had their cameras confiscated and thrown on the ground, where Putin’s Russian bear–now wearing a tutu–proceeded to stomp on the cameras while performing a cute dance and balancing a ball on its nose.

There is no word yet on whether Putin is placing a “4K or now way” restriction on video cameras.

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  1. I will betray my own country if he invades Japan (after Olympics) and destroy all cameras with sensors smaller than FF! Way to go Vladimir!!

    • Sorry, he has already made a deal with Merkel. They’ll build build breeding camps together to create a superior race of sensors (in Poland, of course). The reign of the masterzeiss shall last for a thousand years!

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