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Gallery Show “Test” Challenges Everything


One of the highlights this weekend is the opening of Washington Denver’s one man photography show at the Downtown Sidestreet Gallery. With the provocative name “Test”, Denver flaunts not only convention and definitions of art but reaches beyond to question the trajectory of humanity, itself.

Denver, nominally known for his landscape photography, has thrown his own playbook out the window with this, his first solo show. There’s not a single landscape in the exhibit, and the world is a better place for this decision. In their stead, Denver contronts viewers with photographs that walk the thin line between abstract art and Polaroid exposure test.

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The show is impressive in both its breadth and depth, challenging the foundations of western society in profound and unexpected ways. “Test” runs through February at the Downtown Sidestreet Gallery.

UPDATE: After this story was published, we’ve since learned that Denver sent the wrong files to the print and framing lab. Denver sent the “Test Photos” folder instead of the “Show Photos” folder.


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