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Sigma Eschews Retro, is Doomed


Sigma Corporation, you know, the ones with the funky Foveon sensor, seem intent on remaining a bit player in the camera business with the announcement of the new dp Quattro. Eschewing any hint of retro fashion, the dp Quattro takes a bold step forward in camera design and is thus already doomed.

The League of Visual Ergonomists–a group of self-proclaimed ergonomics experts that can judge the ergonomics of a product just by looking at pictures–have already condemned the camera, calling it “ergonomically challenged” and proclaiming that “bad ergonomics are easy to see,” with several members already complaining of thumb cramps just by looking at photos of the camera. And the Society of Purty Cameras has given the dp Quattro three thumbs down, saying in a statement, “We don’t care if it takes photos that rival medium format in clarity and sharpness, if it ain’t purty, we want no part of it. If only they had designed it like a camera from the 1950s…you know, the purty kind.” Other groups are similarly offended by the dp Quattro.

Within the cacophony of doomsayers are a small group of fervent Sigma fans that have seen with their own eyes the benefits of the Foveon sensor. But they don’t really count though.

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  1. I heard their next camera, the one-foot-long and two inch high Cinco, will be announced on May 5.

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