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Panasonic Pre-Infuriates Old Codgers with Lumix GH4


With the upcoming release of the GH4, Panasonic is pre-antagonizing a large swath of old codgers. The GH4 is pushing forcefully into high resolution 4k video, which makes a lot of business sense since the name “Lumix” doesn’t exactly set photographer’s hearts aflutter, Leica or no Leica. Still, a number of hard-line photographers are already hating upon the GH4 for looking like a camera but doing “that other thing”.

“If I want a real Micro Four Thirds camera, I’ll get an Olympus.” Said Simon Fogeybottom, “They understand old codgers like me and give me great comfort in designs that remind me of my golden youth. With Olympus, I believe that the world is still safe and navigable, not some hacked, drone-surveilling, police state.”

“That’s not a camera, it’s a toaster oven!” Opined Wallace Stuchenmud, “If I wanted a real camera, I’d get a Fuji. Now that’s a real camera, the kind that you’d take with your lady to the sock hop and dance the Lindy all night long.”

“Camera companies should stick to what they know and not venture off playing around with this newfangled video.” offered Diana Goode Oldes, “If I wanted a real video camera, I’d get a Canon or a Sony, not some pretend video camera from someone trying to be a camera company.”

Please do not show this to an old codger!

Please do not show this to an old codger!

The pre-angered crotchety old folk still have another couple of months to grouse before the actual camera is released*, at which time they are free to continue their complaining about an actual real product that they may or may not have touched themselves.

* Authorities are asking citizens NOT TO discuss the computing power necessary to store, edit, and distribute 4k video with these old codgers as it might make their heads explode.

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