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Royal Society of Pixel Peepers Mulling 1000% Crop


The Royal Society of Pixel Peepers (RSPP) has published a statement saying that it is considering a fundamental change in how its members peep at pixels.

The current RSPP standard, the 100% crop, is used by bloggers, pundits, and people that spend way too much time on camera forums to (endlessly) debate the quality of cameras, lenses, and photographic accessories. At that level of magnification, armchair optical engineers around the world can discern any number of phenomena affecting the performance of cameras, lenses, and accessories and then spend days, weeks, and months debating the quality of the thus-peeped pixels.

Example of 100% crop

Example of 100% crop

But as pixel quality increases–pixels from smaller sensor cameras now rival the pixels from professional cameras from just a few years ago–RSPP members are finding that they have to go further and further extremes to prove the superiority of their chosen brand over others. To combat this, the RSPP is considering increasing the magnification ten times, making 1000% crops the minimum standard by which Internet debates can be contested by RSPP members.

Example of 1000% crop

Example of 1000% crop

“At the 1000% crop, RSPP members will be able to better defend whatever it is they want to defend, thus proving their intellectual superiority over nearly everyone else in the whole entire world.” an RSPP spokesperson said in a prepared statement.

The RSPP is  soliciting opinions on this proposed change and encourages members to debate the proposed change vigorously, for hours on end, and long after everyone else has gone to sleep.

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