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Sony a6000-Another Great Box with a Big Gaping Hole in it


[Sony has allowed NCN to touch and play with the new a6000 on one condition–that NCN talk only about the camera body and not discuss “other things” that may be used with the camera. It was difficult, but I think that we’ve struck a good balance between editorial integrity and corporate ass-kissing.]
Here ye! Here ye! THE SONY NEX-6 IS DEAD! Deader than that thing that you ran over last week on the way home from work and that’s still there today, making a disturbing, muted “ka-thunk” sound as you run over it. Again.

In its place is the a6000, a solid chunk of metal and plastic, available in black and silver. Refreshingly, the a6000 is not trying to look like an old camera and, unlike the A7 and A7r, doesn’t have a pyramid on the top that says, “Ooh, look at me I’m a fancy camera!” The a6000 is, unapologetically, a box with a big gaping hole in the center, One side of the box has a faux leather contoured area for the hand. The other side has a hole to look through. That big gaping hole has a shiny thing innit; Sony tells us that is the 24 megapickle sensor with the fancy new hybrid AF system. Along the top and back are a smattering of buttons, along with a hinged smartphone screen taking up most of the back.

But back to that big gaping hole. When asked what things might be used to fill the gaping hole on the camera, the Sony rep was quite evasive and coy.

NCN: “What goes in this ‘hole’ (using fingers to make air quotes)?”

SONY: “When you buy the camera, we give you a thing for that hole.”

NCN: “Can I put anything else in this ‘hole’?”

SONY: “Yes, we have a handful of other things that you can put in this hole.”

NCN: “Is it true that Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Fuji, Pentax, and Panasonic have more things for their holes than Sony does for its holes?”

SONY: “Those other companies don’t have nearly as many holes to fill as Sony does, so it is much much easier for them to fill those holes. Plus, many of their holes are old, and thus they have many old things that can fit in those holes.”

NCN: “Then why do you keep on making boxes with holes? Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend some time making things for all of the holes that you’ve created?”

SONY: [talking without moving lips] “You were not supposed to ask about this”

NCN: “But Sony has had years to create more things for the holes. Where are they?”

SONY: [muttering] “We agreed to talk only about the box.”

NCN: “Why don’t you make len….hole filler things in a wide variety of hole filler lengths instead of just making more boxes year after year?”

SONY: “Ixne on the ensle…”


At this point, the Sony rep ripped the a6000 out of our hands and exclaimed, “This exclusive preview is over!”


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