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Anti-Chimping League Strikes Again!


Local authorities are reporting a rash of attacks on photographers in Key West, Florida in the past week, the third such coordinated attack in as many months by the Anti Chimping League (ACL). Masked ACL operatives descended upon Key West during a beautiful sunset, just the time when many were out with their digital cameras. Victims’ cameras were rudely ripped from their unsuspecting hands by ACL operatives, who then wrote over the rear LCD displays of the cameras with black Sharpie permanent markers. Once the LCD displays were sufficiently covered, ACL operatives returned the cameras to their rightful owners and said, “Don’t be a chimp!” before fleeing the scene. The cameras are still functional but owners can no longer review images on the back of the camera.

Surprisingly, the response of the victims has been mixed. Some have thrown their cameras on the ground in disgust. “This thing is unusable now!” said Victim #1. “There’s no way I’m going to wait hours or even days to be able to review my photos. They’ll be ancient history by then!”

“Oh my, I feel young again!” offered Victim #2. “It’s 1980 all over again, and I’ve got a roll of Tri-X in my Pentax MX!”

In a video posted on YouTube, the masked leader of this vigilante movement made a statement:

“The Anti Chimping League condemns the obsessive reviewing of photographs in the field, followed by howls and screams of joy. Such behavior is an abomination. It is not true photography and it will not be tolerated. We encourage all photographers to slow the frak down so that they don’t have to take thousands of photos just to get one good shot of their calamari salad.”

Authorities are trying to determine if the Anti Chimping League is in cahoots with the Brotherhood of 64MB Memory Cards and the Prime Lens Posse, other vigilante groups known to terrorize owners of modern digital cameras. Until the Anti Chimping League has been brought to justice, authorities are recommending that photographers take photos with care. Do not, they repeat do not, throw caution to the wind, as the ACL is probably watching!

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  1. I have spray chemicals which remove permanent marker from screens. I also have different chemicals which temporarily incapacitate camera terrorists. And when the camera terrorists are incapacitated, I write “IDIOT” on their foreheads. Then I take a picture.

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