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Local Photog Confounds Friends, Strangers, Stalkers


In a case of unfortunate mistaken identity, local middle manager/photographer Sam Ecksy was inundated with flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and afterwards virtually stalked and sent inappropriate messages on Facebook.

Ecksy, who is happily married, was happy to have free flowers and chocolates to bring home to his wife, but was alarmed when he began receiving suggestive messages from complete strangers on Facebook. And then the messages got more and more lewd, so Ecksy notified authorities.

Authorities were able to track down the men sending the messages and questioned them on their motives. Their response was the same-Ecksy had tempted them with his online avatar–a photo of a beautiful model that Ecksy had recently photographed. It also didn’t help that Ecksy’s online name was S.Ecksy.

Ecksy is in the processing of changing his online avatar and name.

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