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Public Health Warning: POAD Outbreak Reported


Twenty photographers are being treated in local hospitals for Pre-Order Anxiety Disorder (POAD). POAD can happen any time of the year, but is most common during long, cold, and dark winters and after new camera announcements. This winter, with the Polar Vortex and several significant product announcements, has been especially difficult, with outbreaks of POAD being reported across the country. Early signs of a possible POAD outbreak include:

  • Sudden inventory and valuation of current camera gear
  • Hours upon hours on the Internet “researching”, including excessive squinting at highly magnified images
  • Heated online debates with complete strangers
  • Repeated muttering of the phrases, “If only….”, “I need…”, and “in stock…”
  • A vacant, mind-is-somewhere-else look at work and dinner table
  • A sudden and unexpected dissatisfaction with the status quo

If you see a photographer exhibiting any of these symptoms, please notify local authorities. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT try to treat POAD yourself. POAD is highly contagious.

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