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Orlando Sentinel Momentarily Forgets That it is Printed on Paper, Hires Video Producers


It seemed like a good idea at the time for the Orlando Sentinel, adjust to shifting media habits by laying off some of the photography staff and replacing them with video producers. There’s just one problem–the Orlando Sentinel is printed on paper.*

At a press conference attended exclusively by Orlando Sentinel reporters, Orlando Sentinel senior management was grilled about the decision, with most of the questions focusing on the fundamental issue-how to deliver video via a printed newspaper. Orlando Sentinel senior management stressed the need to keep up with the times but their responses were greeted with a roomful of rolling eyes and an occasional expletive hidden beneath a fake cough.

A pressman for the paper, who wishes to be anonymous for the obvious reasons, said, “This kind of crap happens all the time….some MBA hotshot in a business suit makes some harebrained decision without really thinking it through, leaving it up to everyone else to figure it out.”

As of this posting, the Orlando Sentinel is considering a number of ways to delivery video to subscribers’ doorsteps, including:

  • printing flipbooks for each video
  • hiring down-on-their-luck actors to travel to each subscriber’s home and re-enact the videos
  • hiring retired police sketch artists to create “pulp-and-ink” versions of the videos for print subscribers

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*Yes they have a website, but their signature product is the inky pulp that lands on your doorstep and gets all over readers’ fingers on Sunday.


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