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Three Injured by Flood of Camera Bags


Three people were injured when local photographer Zachary Addams opened a closet door, releasing a flood of camera bags.

The closet, in a spare upstairs room, was filled with thousands of camera bags that Addams has purchased over the years, including bags from LowePro, Tamrac, ThinkTank, Domke, and others. The flood of bags filled the room, knocking Addams unconscious, and then spilled into the hallway before heading down the stairs.

Mittens, the family cat, was grooming herself on the landing when she heard a rumbling from above. Looking up, she saw a barely used Billingham Hadley Pro hurtling towards her. Only by jumping onto the stair railing, sliding down and leaping onto the new curtains was she able to escape harm.

Others were not so lucky. The flood cascaded down the stairs and filled the living room, where Addams’ photographer friends Henry and Dorothy were busy admiring Dorothy’s new Pentax K-3. By the time they realized what was happening, it was too late, as the flood of bags knocked both photographers off the couch, launching the brand new K-3 into the air. Miraculously, the K-3 landed in an open Crumpler messenger bag, the only time that particular bag ever held a camera. As the torrent subsided, Mittens found a perfectly sized Tenba with soft felt-like padding, crawled inside, and took a nap.

Experts are saying that the impact of the camera bag flood was particularly severe due to the fact that most of the camera bags were barely used, making them stiffer and more capable of bruising and knocking things over.

Addams is recovering from bruises sustained in the flood and promises that he’s never going to buy another bag.

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