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Getty Deems Itself Not Evil Enough, Tries Harder


After the AFP/Daniel Morel brouhaha, you wouldn’t be alone in imagining that Getty had transmogrified from being a champion of photography to an evil, soulless corporation run by lawyers and accountants. Well it looks like you were wrong; Getty doesn’t have accountants, good ones at least.

iStock (owned by Getty) is claiming over the last several months they have overpaid approximately 9,000 photographers for their photos and that those photographers will have to pay Getty back. In a statement, a Getty spokesperson said, “These photographers should be happy that we pay them at all and not just take their photos outright. Didn’t they see how we treated Daniel Morel?”

As proof that the affected photographers aren’t in any way mad or disappointed in iStock/Getty, Getty shared several photos of happy, smiling photographers.



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