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Ellen DeGeneres Breaks First Rule of Selfies, Faces Grammar Police


Federal officials, including the NSA and the TSA (because they have nothing better to do) and the American Copy Editors Society are investigating the alleged “selfie” taken by Ellen DeGeneres while at last night’s Oscar Awards.

They photo, filled with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, broke Twitter, and basically made the whole world forget that the Ukraine is being invaded by Putin.

But photos taken of the selfie and eye witnesses at the scene allege that while DeGeneres owned the Samsung phone that took the photo and posted the photo to her Twitter account, the photo was actually taken by Bradley Cooper. Linguists, grammarians, and Words With Friends experts are currently debating whether or not Bradley Cooper should be credited with the selfie.

In a precautionary move, Getty Images has claimed the photo as its own and is threatening to sue anyone that tries to use it without paying them.

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