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Pentax Owners Win Award, Celebrate, Then Despair


Pentax owners have voted themselves the “Most Intensely Neurotic, Insecure Camera Owners in the  World” (MINICOW) for the tenth consecutive year. Financial woes and multiple corporate owners (Asahi, Honywell, Hoya, and now Ricoh) have clearly had a negative impact on the brand (one of the most storied in the industry) and it’s legion of fans, many whom have been on the Pentax bandwagon since the salad days of the 1960s and 1970s.

Winning MINICOW is quite a feat, considering the financial improprieties that have befallen Olympus, the fiscal woes that Sony faces both inside and outside the camera division, the struggle to build market share faced by Panasonic and Samsung, and legions of Konica, Minolta, Kodak, and Contax owners that are having an increasingly difficult time purchasing branded t-shirts. Even mighty Canon and Nikon are faced with the consequences of a post point-and-shoot world and slowing demand in DSLRs. Yet, when faced with this intense market malaise, Pentax owners prevailed.

Pentaxicans of all ages chimed in when the heard the announcement.


“We are, no doubt, quite proud of winning MINICOW for the tenth consecutive year. It’s an honor that Pentax was chosen over all the other camera brands, but I can’t help but wonder if this is a harbinger of bad things to come.”

– Rich, thinking about switching to Nikon


“Pentax has some great cameras and lenses for sure. The new K-3 has received great reviews, and it looks like Ricoh is making some investments in revising and releasing new lenses. But as Pentaxicans, we can’t help but think that this winning streak is near an end, and once again we’ll on the brink of extinction.”

– Amy, thinking about switching to Sony


“So we won an award…so what? I read on a Russian website that Ricoh plans on gutting Pentax, re-assigning engineering and other key staff to the photocopier division.”

– Sun, thinking about switching to Olympus


“I’ve hit a plateau with my photography, and I’m fairly certain that it’s Pentax’s fault. Had I listened to my friends and purchased a Nikon or Canon, I’d surely be a pro fashion photographer by now. Instead, because of Pentax, I’m still shooting photos of my cats.”

– Moon, thinking about switching to Canon


“Pentax has not released a full-frame camera in the digital era, so all this other ‘stuff’—capital investments from Ricoh, the introduction of class-leading cameras, the impending update to the 645D medium format camera—it all means nothing. Pentax is doomed!”

– Stars, thinking about switching to Fujifilm


“Pentax still makes cameras?”

– Sam, not thinking about switching to Pentax


Upon hearing of the award, Pentax has scrapped plans for packaging it’s latest waterproof camera, the WG-4, in a water bottle, fearing that Pentax owners would see the bottle as half empty.


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  1. I’m waiting for the price of the Pentax Q to come down so I can purchase one, put it on a shelf, and never use it.

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