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Getty Images Giving Away Old Crap That Nobody Wants


In a cynical attempt to ruin everything, Getty Images is giving away much of its old outdated crap from the 80s and 90s. By implementing embed codes similar to Flickr, bloggers and others can embed the old Getty crap wherever they damn well please. And the way the embed code is written gives Getty the power to control what gets displayed on all the websites that embed Getty Images. They could, for example, choose to start showing advertising in the space, with no promise of compensation for the photographers involved. Or, more importantly, Getty Images could change the embed code on a particular day to activate a worldwide network of sleeper zombies that can take over the earth and cast the planet into a full fledged zombie apocalypse.

But we digress…here’s just a small sampling of crap that’s available.

Old cell phones!

Fax machines!

Cathode Ray Tubes

Magnetic Tapes!

Corded Telephones!

Record Players!

Portable CD Players




Happy embedding!
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  1. Just wait, there will be a hemorrhoid medication ad replacing that first cathode ray tube picture. The last camera picture will be replaced by an ad for Hasslebland.

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