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Canon Rejects Retro, Owners Sue


Following Canon’s recent announcement that they will NOT be releasing a retro-styled camera, a group of Canon camera enthusiasts have filed a class action lawsuit against the vaunted camera maker. The Retro Canon Association (RCA), represented by the Boston firm Dewey, Cheatham & Howe LLP, have filed a complaint in the Fifth District, claiming that “Canon is willfully and knowingly denying Canon fans the joy of owning a Canon digital camera that looks like it was made in the mid-20th century.”

In the complaint, several RCA members recall the emotional distress that the lack of a retro Canon camera is causing them:


“At first, it just the Olympus guy at the camera club. He had a nice little rangefinder style body, silver finish with black leatherette trim. It was small and light and I had to hand it back to him because my hands were sweating with envy.

And then about a year later a fellow shows up with a Fuji X-Pro 1 and the whole club is going ga-ga over the thing, as if Marilyn Monroe came back from the grave and still had a seven year itch.

So then I go and get a 5D III, being a loyal Canon owner and everything. I bring it the next camera club and….nothing. Nobody’s eyes get big, nobody wants to touch it. Nothing. It just happened to be the same day that another fellow brought in a Panasonic GX7 and the whole club was gathered around ogling it. I mean, really, doesn’t Panasonic make toaster ovens? And isn’t that sensor even smaller than APS-C? The world’s totally upside down, man! I’ve bring one of the best digital cameras in the universe and nobody gives it a second look!”

—Jilted in Jersey


“I’m ok with the retro Olympii and Fujii and whatnot. After all, they’re minor players with minor market share. But when the rumors started about a retro Nikon, then I worried, and hoped that Canon would beat their bitter rival to market. But noooo, the Nikon Df is here, and many are buying them. Where’s Canon? Where’s a retro EOS that I can show off to my friends?”

— Lonely in Lompoc


“I couldn’t wait for Canon to build my dream retrocam, so I built it myself, gutting an old digital Elph I found in my sock drawer and stuffing it into an old Canon A-1 that I had lying around. It’s a little bit of a mashup and the I’m looking to replace the silver duct tape with something a little more refined, but people like me really wanting a Canon retro camera have no choice!”

— Desperate in Des Moines


A spokesperson for Canon said in a statement, “While we appreciate all of the sentiment, people better watch out or we’ll change the lens mount on them again.”


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