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Calumet Dies, Photographers Eager to Pick on Still Warm Carcass


Following the sudden bankruptcy filing of Calumet Photographic, the Internet is foaming at the mouth at the idea of a giant liquidation sale of the vaunted company’s leftover stock. In business for 75 years, Calumet Photographic was once a pillar of the photographic community. But even though it’s a dead carcass, photo buffs are determined to find the silver lining.

“There are conflicting reports of the remaining assets,” said photographer Hal Itosis, “One site said it was between $50-100 million. That’s a lot of gear! I can’t wait to pick through it and look for some insane deals!”

As a result of the bankruptcy filing, approximately 200 employees will suddenly find themselves without work in the midst of an economy still trying to generate jobs.

“The last time I was this excited was when hundreds of Ritz Camera workers were let go when they went belly up. I got some great deals in that wreckage!” says, Otto Belfor, another camera enthusiast just waiting to for news about a liquidation sale.

Following the bankruptcy, stocks of Amazon.com and UPS rose three and four percent, respectively.


  1. I want that D600 they have in the back corner that’s just sitting there, um, should I say it…collecting dust?

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