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Leicanalysis: What Makes a Leica Photo Special?


The New Camera News Analytical Research Team (NCN ART) has completed the most comprehensive analysis of photos taken with Leica cameras. Ever. And the results will blow your mind. Or maybe not.

Leicas have long been celebrated as the pinnacle of photography, with lenses that render photos with the vaunted “Leica Pixie Dust.” The NCN ART team wanted to find out how Leicas did the thing that they did, so over the last several months, the NCN ART team has pored over every photo online taken with a Leica camera, analyzing the qualities that make a Leica photo a Leica photo.

The results, to be Frank*, were eye opening. Firstly, all photos taken with Leica cameras were simply outstanding, far better than similar photos taken with proletarian cameras like the Nikon D800, Canon 1D-X, etc…Seriously, every Leica photo should win a Pulitzer and Noble prize. And an Oscar too.

Secondly, the photos that were the most Leicable and Leiconic were photos of Leica cameras, lenses, and accessories taken with Leica cameras and lenses. As a matter of fact, a full 75% of all photos taken with Leica cameras are artfully posed Leica cameras, often with dramatic lighting and sometimes with an obviously expensive leather camera bag in the background.

As proof, we present this colorful chart:


The NCN ART team will continue to answer the most difficult questions in photography, like, “Which lenses will make me a pro photographer?” and “Are you my mother?”

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* Frank was the lead researcher on the NCN ART team. He’s narcoleptic and we had to wake him up when the final results were compiled.


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