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10 Common /Photograher Titles


Anyone with a passing interest in photography and a credit card can now buy a bagful of plastic, silicon, lithium ion, and glass and call themselves a “Pro” photographer. And many have. Here are ten common something-slash-photographer titles:

10. Writer/Photographer

Likes to be an underpaid, commoditized starving artist in two media.


9. Fine Artist/Photographer

Why pore over a canvas or piece of clay for hours on end when you can just point that damn ubiquitous box at the world and snap away? You’ll still starve, but you’ll have more free time.


 8. Student/Photographer

Hey kid, make sure you get a real job so that you can afford photography as a hobby.


 7. Technologist/Photographer

10 Take photo
20 Turn saturation/HDR/clarity to 11
30 Post online
40 Go to 10

6. Middle Manager/Photographer

Oh pity all of those caged birds that took the safe route instead of the fulfilling one. Now a quick trip to B&H and a 16Gb memory card is your escape from middle class suburbia!


5. Mom/Photographer

Come on in! We’ve got no licensing or credentialing governing body like those pesky doctors, lawyers, and engineers!


4. Currently Having a Midlife Crisis/Photographer

At least it’s cheaper than sports cars and hookers.


 3. Pornstar/Photographer

Mostly selfies, but can be hired for other…ahem…jobs.


 2. Blogger/Photographer

Click on my affiliate link! NOW!


 1. Underemployed/Photographer


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