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Camera, Neglected, Resets Clock to 00:00:00


On the evening of Sunday, March, 16, 2014, a long neglected camera tucked way in the back of a long-forgotten junk drawer depleted its battery without notice. The camera, a Canon S90 compact point-and-shoot, had taken thousands of photos (dozens of them cherished greatly) over the years, but had since been superseded by a revolving door of cameras that offered more megapickles, faster lenses, and, critically, more “newness” than the once-loved little Canon.

The diminutive S90 passed away quietly, in the company of some paper clips, old rubber bands, random business cards (many of which represent businesses no longer in business or once-associates no longer associated with said business) and a small notepad and pen from a long-forgotten hotel stay in Cancún, Mexico, which ironically, is the reason the S90 was purchased in the first place.

The S90 is survived by a Nikon A, a Sony RX100, and Canon 5D Classic, itself in critical condition, with just 5% charge left in it’s date and time battery, and forgotten in a dusty old Tamrac bag stuffed in a dim corner of the home office closet. A 4GB SD card still resides in the S90, with a handful of random photos of the contents of the house “to see if this thing still works.”

Services won’t be held for the S90, because the negligent owner isn’t even aware of the camera’s deceased state. And while the owner may someday find the S90 while looking for a working ballpoint pen, chances are that they won’t have any idea where the charger is.

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  1. I charge all my cameras every time we change to and from Daylight Saving Time, and reset their clocks too. Hang on a sec while I turn off that smoke detector with the low battery alarm. OK, now that’s better.

  2. It’s really pathetic to see how people worry about the latest and newest digital camera. Those with such feeble powers of self-control deserve being preyed upon as gullible moronic victims by camera manufacturers.

    Long live film.

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