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Hungary Tightens Restrictions on Photographers


Hungary has followed up on the onerous “no photos of strangers without consent” law with a slew of new, draconian laws whose sole purpose appears to be to completely stamp out photography in the land that gave us Robert Capa and André Kertész. These new restrictions goes much farther than requiring consent to photograph strangers. Some of the more retrograde laws include:

  • No taking photos of family pets without consent
  • No taking photos of brick walls without consent
  • No taking photos of coffee or any part of the coffee-making process (including but not limited to coffee beans, espresso machines, foam, vanilla syrup, steam, cafes, berets, worn paperback copies of Camus’ The Stranger or anything by Kafka, Tolstoy, or Kerouac, etc..) without consent
  • No use of the serial comma without consent
  • No talking about the weather without consent
  • No complaining on the Internet without consent

Photographers around the world are showing support for their fellow Hungarian photographers by complaining on the Internet without consent. Photographers worldwide claim that they are willing to complain and take photos of family pets, brick walls, and aspects of the coffee-making process for years until these issues in Hungary are addressed, or Nikon/Canon finally make the camera that they’ve been saying they should make for I can’t even remember how long now, whichever comes first.


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