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Fujifilm Website Wins SOFA Award


The Society of Old Fogies Association (SOFA) has awarded Fujifilm the “Website That Just Plain Works” award for 2014. The award, given annually to the website that, according to SOFA, “isn’t too fancy for its own good or filled with so much gee-whiz space age technology that does nothing but slow my old computer down and give me a bleeding headache,” has been won by Craigslist.com for ten consecutive years. But this year Fujifilm walked away with the award for its www.fujifilmusa.com website.

At an awards buffet held at 3pm at the Golden Coral in Last Breath, Florida (before all the young whippersnappers show up and ruin everything), spokesfogey for SOFA, Morty Dangermeadow said, “The H-T-T-P-colon-slash-slash-double ewe-double ewe-double ewe-dot.FujifilmUSA.com website is so old….” The gathered crowd responded (with all the enthusiasm they could muster, which, is to say, not all that much), “How old is it?” before Dangermeadow continued, “It’s so old that it even works on a Radio Shack TRS-80 with 16 Kilobytes of memory and tape drive storage…It’s so old that it features cameras from the 1970s…it’s so old that…” but by this time the gathered SOFA members had started eating their soup and were no longer paying any attention.

The Fujifilm website is notable in that it not only looks like it was designed in 1997, but it utilizes absolutely no new technology. These features (or lack thereof) made it a runaway winner at this year’s SOFA “Website That Just Plain Works” award. This complete lack of contemporary design aesthetic or innovation makes its compatible with the first version of Netscape Navigator, as well as Compuserve’s and Prodigy’s first efforts at web browsers.

Fujifilm, upon hearing of their victory, sent a telegram, “Thank you. STOP. We are honored. STOP. Try the rice pudding. STOP. Must go now. STOP. My sciatica is acting up again. STOP.”


  1. Congratulations from those of us who are sick of Nikon’s Pure Photography and Canon’s Burning Tire.

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