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Nikon D4 Owners Report Sudden Loss in Image Quality


The NCN Investigative News Team is receiving reports from the field that Nikon D4 owners are experiencing a sudden loss in image quality from their once almighty cameras.

Owners, who just a couple of weeks ago were extremely satisfied with their pro cameras, are now saying that recent images are “Less awesome,” “Mildly pungent, with hints of mold,” and “Stinkier than last month.” Some are checking for focus calibration, dust/oil on the sensor, and scouring the Internets to discuss issues with firmware and/or RAW processing. Many, with their spouses within earshot, are sighing heavily with every trip of the D4’s shutter, repeating this disappointment until their spouses ask, “Is there something wrong?” The issue is widespread and growing.

The Nikon D4s, announced over the winter, is now in stock at select retailers.

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