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Canon Totally Not Jealous of Nikon or Anything


It’s been a busy few months for Nikon. Following the release of the D4s (hot on the heels of the D610), a new Nikon 1 V3 (hot on the heels of the waterproof AW-1), and now rumors of a new D800s (complete with geeky-cool mechanical drawings on Nikon Rumors), Nikon appears to be on a roll.

What about Canon? You might expect that Canon’s feeling a bit of pressure to match Nikon camera for camera, but Canon doesn’t feel that way. In a statement, a Canon trained PR puppet said, “We congratulate rival Nikon on their recent camera launches and we wish them moderate success with one or two of them. But to make things clear, Canon is not totally jealous of Nikon or anything. After all, we just introduced a brand new T5, and the new EOS-M2 exists in Asia. We’ve got video cameras and point-and-shoots too, and if we wanted to introduce new cameras, we totally could do that. But we aren’t because we just don’t feel like it. OK? So quit saying that we’re jealous, because we’re not. Geez.”

The latest Canon camera, the M15P-CL, incorporates a Nikon F-mount.

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