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Local Man Looking for Fotomat


An elderly gentleman has been spotted driving around the Townsquare Shopping Center in Northampton, Massachussetts, circulating repeatedly in his 1972 Harvest Gold Buick LeSabre. Fotomat, an American chain of drive-through photo processing kiosks, has been defunct for decades.

While stopped at the end of one of the parking rows, the older gentleman, identified as R.V. Winkle of nearby Amherst, said, “I’m looking for the Fotomat. I swear it was just here. I need to pick up some pictures.” The fellow, dressed smartly in a tweed blazer and an ascot, has been driving around the shopping center for three days, leaving only to get gas for the LeSabre, which gets only 4MPG in stop-and-go traffic.

Local environmentalists are worried that Winkle’s LeSabre is emitting enough tailpipe emissions to punch a hole through the ozone over Northamption, increasing the chance of skin cancer and unusually deep “Spring tans” for local residents.

At the time of this story, area environmentalists are working with local camera enthusiasts to build a replica Fotomat drive-thru kiosk which they will place at the Townsquare Shopping Center while Winkle is getting gas. The camera enthusiasts are debating what photos to place in Winkle’s Fotomat sleeve, with many arguing that the set should only include photos from full-frame cameras because, “If Winkle sees a photo taken with the limited depth of field of an APS-C or Micro Four-Thirds camera, he’ll see right through our charade!”


  1. This man can be thankful he slept through the Seattle Filmworks fiasco. “Where’s my free film?”

  2. I once saw a courier car that had just picked up a bunch of film for processing from one of these places. The driver had placed all the pouches of undeveloped film on the roof of his car, and then drove off.

    There was a trail of pouches strewn along the boulevard.

    It was rush hour.

    People in their rush to get home did not see them.

    Need I say more?

    Read more at: http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/14-general-talk/244992-so-we-dont-take-ourselves-too-seriously-2.html#ixzz2ytRWGnli

  3. I hope that at least one fotomat kiosk is preserved for posterity. I need to explain to my great grand kids how it was done in the old days. 🙂

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