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EDITORIAL: Photography is Serious Business


April Fool’s Day has come and gone and, once again, millions have been duped into believing that Sony is going to make more lenses, Canon is going to innovate, Nikon is going to be serious about something (anything) besides full frame DSLRs, and the Micro Four-Thirds, Pentax, and others are actually relevant.

We, the editors, researchers, nuclear physicists, and baristas of New Camera News frown upon the such reckless speculation and rumor mongering—on April 1st or the other 364 days of the year—as it does little more than get peoples’ hopes and dreams up about some fancy schmancy geewhiznewthingamabob before smashing those very same hopes and dreams upon the rocky shores of reality. Dear shady, unscrupulous publishers—our egos are not weather sealed, shock proof, or otherwise ego-stabilized! We are fragile, modern creatures that require climate control, assisted mobility, pre-killed foods, high speed Internet access, and most of all, truth.

The purpose of such fomenting, of course, is to generate moolah and coin (not the trendy “bit” kind, either) from clicks on affiliate links and ads (like those on the right). This relentless “click-baiting,” also known as “click-whoring” on the other side of the tracks, is having a profoundly deleterious effect upon the editorial standards of our time, with many sites so littered with ads (like those on the right) that the editorial content is choked to just a tiny portion of the page.

“Enough!” we say! Reject the rampant consumerism that characterizes our late-capitalist age! Resist the sugary sweet sensationalist headlines that lead to a 300-word article and a half dozen ads (like those on the right)! Reward the good and just publishers that hold themselves and the industry to the highest editorial and ethical standards with your clicks (like those on the right)!

With a modicum of sincerity,

The NCN Team

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  1. If I was asked to choose between Internet access and pre-killed food, I seriously would not know what to choose… If pre-killed food did not exist, I would starve to death as I do not like killing things… But if the Internet did not exist, what would be the point of being alive in the first place?

  2. Yes, stop all that consumerism!
    On the other hand, I doubt that truth is what most people want – I rather imagine that many might have as much trouble dealing with truth as with hunting for their food by themselves.

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