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Ricoh Pentax Gets Ready to Disappoint Once Again


Ricoh Pentax, the saddest of all active camera makers, is teasing a successor to the long-in-the-tooth, one tripod foot in the grave medium format 645D. Launched in 1 B.I. (Before Instagram), the 645D is like a dinosaur at your local natural history museum—cool to look at but you don’t want to take it home.

The teaser features the now-standard minimal slice of the upcoming camera as well as a countdown timer and the evocative text, “Distinct Doom. Unmistakable Disappointment.” Below the countdown timer (due to reach 0 in a couple of weeks) are the prophetic words, “the end is near.”

As expected, Pentaxicans around the world are frothing at the lens mount at the idea of a new camera to lament. “Sigh…I only wish this was the announcement of a full-frame Pentax.” “Great, a camera that nobody can afford.” And the now classic, “Pentax is doomed!”

Sony and Nikon have responded to the impending launch of the 645z with some ads of their own.



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