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Royal Society of Pixel Peepers Proposes Truth in EXIF Act


In a move that was widely anticipated, the Royal Society of Pixel Peepers (RSPP) is proposing legislation that will require all photography shows in museums and galleries to post EXIF data alongside each photograph on display. The “Truth in EXIF Act,” if passed, will have far-reaching implication for the entire industry.

At a poorly attended press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, spokesperson for the RSPP Foveon Bayer, made the following media-friendly soundbite,

“For years, members of the RSPP have attended photography shows at museums and galleries and have been forced to guess the camera equipment and settings used for each photo. From Henri Cartier-Bresson to Sebastiáo Salgado, we’ve been practically blind without the appropriate data with which to evaluate a photograph. How are RSPP members supposed to be able to judge the goodness of a photo without the associated EXIF data? Do museum and gallery curators expect us to just stand there and look at the photos? Are we supposed to just look past the bokeh, sharpness, micro contrast, and chromatic aberration and judge a photo based on its…its…content!? The Truth in EXIF Act, if passed, will finally give RSPP members the data that they need to evaluate photographs on those odd days that they leave their computers and smartphones behind and look at things in the real, physical world.”

Some galleries are concerned about the additional costs that the EXIF signage will required, but concede that this requirement is more reasonable than RSPP’s previous demand for Zeiss magnifying glasses to be provided at every show.

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