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Photo Blogger Successfully Photographs “Every Damned Thing” Within Walking Distance


And with the snap of the shutter, it was done…prolific camera blogger Steve Stonewall has successfully photographed “every damned thing of interest” within walking distance of his home. Some of the damned things Stonewall has photographed include:

  • Every damned fire hydrant and parking meter
  • Every damned fence
  • Every damned mildly interesting tree
  • Every damned flower garden
  • Every damned bit of graffitti
  • Every damned building more than 9 stories high
  • Every damned building more than 100 years old
  • Every damned building less than 5 years old
  • Every damned car over 30 years old or worth more than $50,000
  • Every damned damn neon sign
  • Every damned dessert plate
  • Every damned Christmas decoration
  • Every damned cute dog, cat, bird, and bug
  • Every damned face painted human
  • Every damned music festival and public gathering
  • Every damned film camera and fast, manual focus prime lens
  • Every damned brick wall
  • Every damned river, creek, and body of water
  • Every damned weather event
  • Every damned cloud that vaguely resembled a penis
  • Every damned thing that looked kind of lonely
  • Every damned decaying piece of crap thing

When asked what he was going to do next, a contemplative Stonewall mused, “I guess I have to get in the car, drive one town over, and start again.” Stonewall is determined to set a new World Record this year with his 500th consecutive positive camera review, and barring injury, should achieve that, even if he has to drive to the next town to take the damned pictures.

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