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Photographer “Accidentally” Buys $1,000 Lens


The NCN News Team has received word that a local photographer has “accidentally” purchased a $1,000 lens. According to eyewitnesses on the scene, a man in brown pants showed up “unexpectedly” at the Johnson household to deliver a package approximately the size of a shoebox. Mrs. Johnson rolled her eyes as she evaluated the return address (Acme Photo Video) and heft of the package. Mr. Johnson came to the door shortly afterwards and, according to neighbors, had a look on his face that was a mix of childlike glee and nervousness, and proceeded to act “surprised” as Mrs. Johnson handed the package to him.

Neighbors were not within hearing distance, but Mr. Smith across the street is good at reading lips and deduced that Mr. Johnson was saying, “What? A package for me?” Mrs. Johnson then closed the door with more force than required to close a door of that size and heft.

The NCN News Team will continue to track this story as it develops. Because that’s what we do. And we’re bored.

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  1. I got a Canon FD 50mm lens on FleaBay the other day for 30 bucks. My wife said she isn’t making me lunch for the next week. I should email her the link to this, and tell her to go make me a sandwich!

    • We know better than to get caught in the middle of a domestic squabble. Your wife is right. That’s the path of least resistance…

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