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Easter Bunny is Hoppin’ Mad


Easter Sunday is right around the corner, and we sat down with the Easter Bunny to talk photography…

NCN: How are you doing Mr. Bunny, or can we call you Easter?

Mr. Bunny: Call me Mr. Bunny, please. I’m doing crappy.

NCN: Really, Mr. Bunny? Isn’t your big day coming up?

Mr. Bunny: Yeah, and I’m peeved that I don’t get as much love as I used to.

NCN: What do you mean?

Mr. Bunny: I’m sick and tired of the fat man getting top billing. “Oooh…Santa! I’ve been good this year! Take a picture with me and then give me my gifts!” Well I say screw Santa. I’m the Easter Bunny, dammit and I’m way cuter than Santa. Have you seen my tail? How come nobody take photos of my adorable tail?

NCN: Don’t you think it’s understandable that Santa gets more photos taken? After all, he’s in every mall in December.

Mr. Bunny: But it’s not just him. All these other holiday mascots get way more photo ops these days. Back in the day, I was always top three. People loved me. They’d get dressed up in crappy saggy bunny outfits on Easter and scare the crap out out their kids. Now that’s all gone. I’m not even a Top 10 photo opp any more.

NCN: Who’s overtaken you?

Mr. Bunny: That damn Valentine’s cherub, for one. He gets everybody to wear red and take crappy selfies with their significant others. And don’t get me started about that leprechaun and the color green. So on those two fake days, everyone takes pictures of people wearing ugly red and ugly green sweaters and posts them on Facebook and Instagram and whatnot. People don’t take nearly as many photos on Easter and I’m a real holiday! What really peeves me is that the cherub and leprechaun and I where part of the same posse. Oh, the stories I could tell about the things they did. It would ruin their lilly white reputations. But I got ethics.

NCN: So you’re upset that those holidays have more photo opportunities? Why don’t you pick a color like the others have and run with it.

Mr. Bunny: That’s the problem. My colors are pink and yellow. Those breast cancer people have locked down pink. And Lance Armstrong just ruined the color yellow. And now the damn pumpkin has locked down orange I got nothing.

NCN: Do you have anything else that you’d like to say to our readers?

Mr. Bunny: Just take more Easter photos damnit. I’m the freakin’ Easter Bunny. Look at my freakin’ tail! It’s adorable!

And with that, the Mr. Bunny hoppity hoppity hopped away.


  1. I blame it on the increase in cat pictures. Cats may be hard to pose, but those bunnies are like the crackheads of the animal world. Always wiggling something, hopping around – forget it.

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