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Canon Shows They Can Still Innovate


Proving to the world that they are still a cutting edge, progressive company (and not a conservative, mainstream brand like Toyota), Canon has announced the innovative, superlative, white EOS 100D.

This is no laughing matter, unless you are allergic to EOS cameras, as the EOS 100D (aka the EOS Rebel SL1 in the Americas and the EOS Kiss X7 in Asia…see how innovative the naming is!) is already the “world’s smallest and lightest DSLR” and this special white version makes the camera appear even smaller and lighter!

Look at how innovative this is!

Look at how innovative this is!

(Never mind for a moment that in this age of mirrorless wonders like the Panasonic GM1 that the claim of “world’s smallest and lightest DSLR” is kind of like ordering a diet coke with your double bacon cheeseburger, which is to say symbolic and not all that wondrous after all. This is Canon’s story and it’s our job to “rewrite” their press release with as little critical thinking as possible.)

Key features of this amazing new camera are:

  • White megapickles
  • White flash
  • White balance

It’s been over six months since the world’s seen a white camera (the similarly invisible Nikon AW1), but with our institutional memory as deep as a regal tang’s, we’d have to honestly say that this is best white camera ever made!

The Canon EOS 100D White will be available in Europe initially, because Canon doesn’t think that the world can’t handle all of this innovation all at once.


  1. I call this camera racism. Soon there will be special sections for white cameras and lenses only. I’m putting a red stripe on my lenses in protest.

  2. Canon innovates. They just innovate later than other manufacturers. Canon breaks the paradigm that innovation means doing it first. That is soo 2005. By innovating last, Canon hopes to catch Nikon and Pentax off guard.

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